Our Aim

Medicine Uncharted is about getting involved in healthcare in the developing world. We aim to facilitate networking between healthcare professionals, to encourage more people to volunteer in under-serviced parts of the world.

This site provides profiles of volunteering destinations, and the stories of people who have volunteered there. We hope that reading others' experiences will bring you a step closer to volunteering yourself.

Please note that we do not "place" volunteers. We aim to inform and empower you to organise your own trip, and we also hope to recruit for placements offered by larger organisations such as AVI and MSF.

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Volunteering Destinations

See our Volunteering Options page to learn about the relative advantages of self-organised trips versus volunteer placements offered by larger organisations.

Choose your profession from the world map on the left. If you would like to organise a visit to one of the listed destinations, then email us and we will put you in contact.

Our placements section includes links to information about volunteering with organisations such as AVI and MSF, and we list the current positions offered by AVI.

To send a profile of a destination you have visited, please email