The Christian Fellowship Hospital, Oddanchatram, South India


Christian Fellowship Hospital


Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu, (Rural)


South India

Medical Experience:

The medical experience is primarily general in nature. There is a prominent community health service with weekly visitations to nearby villages.

There are many opportunities to contribute as clinicians, there is a particular need for anaesthetists and surgeons,

This is also a very popular elective destination for students.

Hospital Facilities:

300 bed teaching hospital, with general medicine, general surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics, O&G, psychiatry, and ICU.

Major duties:

Varies with speciality and dependent on your personality. There are daily ward rounds and large outpatient clinics.

There are also opportunities to teach, there is a number of physician and surgical trainees who are keen to learn from their Australian counterparts.

Working hours:

Varies with interest.


Provided within the hospital compound. Dormitory accommodation for students.


Get ready for an experience of a lifetime... All provided for in the hospital canteen. A great way to interact with other medicos. Bring your own fork/ spoon.

Hospital staff:

Doctors and nurses are English speaking and friendly. They are accustomed to overseas visitors.


Tamil amongst locals and villagers. English amongst medical staff.

Town facilities:

Oddanchatram is a small town.

Getting There:

Flight to Chennai (Madras), followed by an overnight train ride into Dindigul. The hospital can arrange pick up.


Auto- Rickshaw and Buses. The town small and is walkable.

Weekend getaways include the neighbouring state of Kerela, and Periyar Nature Reserve.

My contact details:

Dr Elgene Lim, If you would like to make contact, please email and we will pass your message on.