About Medicine Uncharted

Medicine Uncharted is a volunteer organisation committed to global health. It aims to broaden the horizons of healthcare workers. If you are passionate about making a difference in healthcare, you are invited to get involved in global health through Medicine Uncharted.

In addition to displaying profiles of hospitals and clinics willing to accept volunteers, Medicine Uncharted is a portal for networking with other organisations involved in transfroming global health. We provide information and inspiration to encourage healthcare workers to engage in international health and work in the developing world.

Medicine Uncharted was founded by four Melbourne-based training doctors with direct experience of development work. This website was launched on 3 June 2006.

Medicine Uncharted is contributed to and sustained by healthcare professionals on a voluntary basis. We believe the development experience should be part of healthcare training. Gaining an appreciation of the healthcare needs of the developing world is possible through this website. Short term placements, whilst educational, are insufficient to fully understand the complexities of global health. Long term commitment is the most useful in capacity building and making a lasting difference. We hope that the experiences gained from opportunities gained from Medicine Uncharted facilitates ongoing, mutually beneficial links between areas of well-resourced and under-resourced healthcare.

Please feel free to contribute questions, information, contacts, opportunuties or feedback to the site at:

Current Committee Members

Dr Michelle Yong (President)
Infectious Diseases Registrar, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr Subodh Joshi (Joint Vice President)
Cardiology Fellow, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr Cameron Knott (Joint Vice President)
Medical Registrar, Austin Hospital

Dr Ashwin Swaminathan (Treasurer)
Infectious Diseases Registrar, Austin Hospital

Mr Matthew Coller (IT Manager)
Website Authoring Lecturer, Monash University

Mridula Subramanian (Secretary)
Pharmacist, Austin Hospital

Sharmini Kumar ()

Shaun Flint ()

Smathi Chong ()